Friday, 11 May 2012

four new Winx dolls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

these are gourgus


Is Flora really the Princess of Linphia

Well in the second movie of Winx Club (The Magical Adventure)Flora told the gaurds (Who was gaurding the castle)that she is princess of linphea is it really true well I think she is a Princess of Linphea because in the Winx Club Wiki It said that she is a princess you all should check The Winx Club Wiki it is simply great there is everything about the Winx Club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, 20 April 2012

Winx Club

Winx Club (also known as The Winx: Just Fairies) is a 2004 Italian animated television series, created by Iginio Straffi and produced by Rainbow S.r.l.. The series is aimed toward children between the ages of five and twelve,[1] but is also popular among teens. It has spawned an international franchise of toys, books, clothing, video games, DVDs, as well as two CGI feature films.
Apart from the English language version of the series done by Cinélume in Canada for various international markets, 4Kids Entertainment in the United States made an alternative version by changing dialogue and music and altering some visuals and situations. Their dub was discontinued in 2007 after the third season. In 2011, Nickelodeon aired four one-hour specials that summarizes seasons one and two, as well as airing seasons 3 and 4 in full complete seasons.

List of Winx Club episodes
The story follows Bloom and her friends Stella, Flora, Tecna, Musa, Layla (Aisha), and is situated mainly in the Magical Dimension and on Earth. They call themselves 'The Winx Club' and go on countless adventures together. Throughout the story, they discover new transformations, unlock secrets and powers, battle against the darkness and support Bloom as she tries to discover her past.

 Winx Club (season one)
A supposedly ordinary girl from planet Earth, Bloom, with her pet Kiko, lives a perfectly normal life in the city of Gardenia with her mother and father. Until she stumbles upon Stella, a princess from the planet Solaria, who is in trouble. Coming to Stella's aid, Bloom discovers her dormant magical abilities and powers when she dodges a group of monsters. Stella persuades Bloom to join Alfea, a school for fairies in the Magical Dimension. She agrees and leaves Gardenia and her parents. At Alfea, Bloom forms the Winx Club, whose members are her four friends and roommates: Stella, and the three friends she meets at Alfea: Musa, Tecna, and Flora. 

Winx Club (season two)
After their summer vacation, the Winx return to Alfea to begin their second year. They meet a new fairy, Layla (Aisha) who asks for their help in rescuing her pixie friends who are being held hostage by Lord Darkar, who wanted to find out where the Pixies' Village was in order to steal one of the four pieces of the Codex (one each in Pixie Village, Redfountain, Cloudtower, and Alfea) which would open the portal to the Realm of Realix, where the Ultimate Power can be found. The Trix[nb 1] meet Lord Darkar while being imprisoned in the Fortress of Light, and they agree to serve him if he freed them. The Winx also learn how to get their Charmix. Lord Darkar is actually the "Shadow Phoenix" who wants to take control of the magical realm. Meanwhile, a new professor arrives at Alfea, one who is actually working for Lord Darkar. He later turns Bloom into Dark Bloom and sends her to Lord Darkar, who turns Bloom into his servant, thus making her open the realm of Realix. But in order to help deafeat this villan the Specialists (With the help of the Winx) summon Queen Aminsha from the underground realm of where Lord Darkar hides away in his fortress. When their plan doesn't work out, Sky expresses his true feelings to Bloom to bring back her true self, and Bloom uses her great healing powers to heal everyone, after the battle in which Riven nearly loses his life saving Musa. Bloom and the others go back to Alfea and celebrate and Layla (Aisha) joins the Winx Club as the sixth member.

  Winx Club (season three)
Previously banished to the Omega Dimension, the Trix[nb 1] are able to escape with Valtor,[nb 2] a sorcerer partially responsible for the destruction of Bloom's home planet, Domino.(Sparx)[nb 3] They choose to cooperate and plan to invade several areas in the realm of Magix and seek vengeance on those who imprisoned them, by stealing their exceptionally strong and powerful magic mystic treasures and power sources of each realm. With the Enchantix, Flora, Stella, Layla (Aisha) Tecna and Musa are able to use incredible and strong power and are able to miniaturize. Bloom, however cannot miniaturize due to the fact that her Enchantix is not complete. The Winx begin their third and final year at Alfea, learning about their unique Enchantix transformations, acquired by sacrificing themselves for someone from their home world and showing great courage and sacrifice in doing so. Bloom also learns more about her home planet Domino as well as the truth about where her birth parents are.
  Winx Club (season four)
The fourth season of the Winx Club debuted on 15 April 2009[3] in Italy. Takes place after the events of Secret of the Lost Kingdom. The Trix never appears in this season. The Winx continue their adventures by establishing themselves in Gardenia to earn the new Believix transformation by convincing the skeptical population to believe in magic, along with protecting the last fairy on Earth, Roxy, who is in danger of being captured by a group of fairy hunters.In Australia, the English version of the fourth season made by Cinélume premiered on Boomerang, a sister channel of Cartoon Network



In the United States, The license for 4KidsTV expired in 2009, and sought out a new partner.[4] On 2 September 2010, Nickelodeon announced [5] through a press release that they will be co-producing seasons 5 and 6 of Winx Club.
In early January 2011, it was announced that Keke Palmer will be playing the voice of Layla (Aisha). In late March 2011, Molly Quinn announced she will be voicing Bloom.[6] Josh Keaton announced that he will voice Valtor in season 3.[7] Ariana Grande announced on 22 May via Twitter that she will be voicing Princess Diaspro, a minor villain, in the new dub.[8] Romi Dames has also announced that she will voice Musa and Helia will be played by David Faustino. [9] Elizabeth Gillies will play Daphne and Matt Shively will play Sky.[10] The first special's broadcast revealed that Amy Gross is voicing Stella, Alejandra Reynoso is voicing Flora, and Morgan Decker is voicing Tecna.[11] [12]